7 Tips to Accelerate Your Child’s Learning So They Will Achieve Their Best Potential

When our kids discover HOW they learn, they absolutely gain more control over their lives.

They are able to demonstrate and share their strengths, boost their self-esteem, become less afraid to make mistakes and increase their capacity to solve problems in life.

OK, what can you do NOW to develop this?

1.    Tap into your child’s learning style so they become a more active and involved learner.

Identify their preferred style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). Then discover what activities will enhance your kid’s learning style.

2.    Discover HOW smart your kids are by meeting SLIM-N-BIL.

We are ALL intelligent in some way-Spatial, Linguistic, Interpersonal, Musical, Naturalistic, Bodily, Intrapersonal and Logical.

Each intelligence can be enhanced by specific materials, activities and special outings. When you identify their dominant intelligence/s, you will learn what they like to do, what they are good at and how they learn best.

3.    Create a supportive environment which invites and entices your kids to learn…and increase their learning retention.

Every aspect of the learning environment can affect your child’s experiences…lighting, temperature, acoustics, color, décor, seating, posters, music, aroma, plants, pets and toys.

4.    Take and make effective notes with Mind Mapping strategies to enhance your child’s success.

This information tool will increase remembering what is said or read, increase understanding and help organise material. Mind maps are colorful and have lots of pictures and symbols.

The ideas are connected and excellent for memory retention.

5.    Boost you kid’s brainpower by feeding them brain foods, plenty of water and exercise.

Proper nutrition protects the brain against toxins, improves mental alertness and assists memory.
Foods such as animal protein, nuts, legumes and seeds boost alertness.

Water is central to optimal brain functioning. Aerobic exercise improves thinking and learning.

6.    Avoid and relieve stress so your child can process and retain information they need to access more readily.

Have you ever had a person’s name ‘on the tip of your tongue’? No matter how hard you try to remember, the harder it seems to become. When you stop trying and relax, the name comes to you.

By avoiding getting stressed, you are able to stop your mind from going blank. Do some relaxation techniques, listen to music or practise yoga,maybe even T’ai Chi.

7.    Get in a state of focused concentration so your kids can learn faster and easier.

Would you like your kids to learn techniques where time goes faster, they can spend more time doing other things which they really enjoy, get better results on tests, study less, get certain people off their backs and they’ll do better in school?

Then two such techniques are called SLANT and the Alpha State…tools which will help your kids to access the best state for learning.

Here’s what I invite you to do now:

  1. Search ‘learning styles‘ & ‘multiple intelligences inventories‘. Complete to identify your/ your child’s preferred style and dominant intelligence/s.
  2. Research and then practise relaxation techniques, SLANT and the Alpha State.
  3. Eat brain foods, exercise daily and drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.
  4. Research Tony Buzan and Mind Mapping.
  5. Create a learning environment.

OK, It’s Let’s Talk Time…

I invite you to let us know which of these techniques you are already using with your children? Which ones are effective and have brought about change?

Leave a comment below and share what has worked..what hasn’t …You can do that, can’t you?

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