About Terry

Terry Mazzer is The Accelerated Learning Guy who facilitates growth and change .

He is an educational coach who specializes in accelerating the learning of teachers, trainers, workshop presenters, parents and kids and any others who want to unleash the potential that is already in them.

For me, coaching is all about teaching someone ‘to fish’ as opposed to consulting which is is doing the fishing for them. I identify what you want, what your challenges are and then I help you overcomne those challenges and get you what you want.

Terry also has a passion for teaching that one subject that we do not learn a great deal about at school – Wealth 101 – financial literacy. He is a Creative Wealth Coach.

As a specialist high school teacher, he has the pleasure of engaging kids who struggle with school as well as those who are gifted. Terry also helps teachers bring out the best in their students.

During his 33 years as a teacher, he has been a Principal, a Head of Department for Teaching and Learning, a Learning Support teacher, a University lecturer, an educational adviser and a classroom teacher.

Until recently, he was the owner of two successful tutoring businesses. Here Terry was able to use his exhaustive teaching expertise to greatly improve the potential of his students.

More importantly, he developed their passion for learning and a confident, positive belief in themselves.

This Gold Coaster (Queensland, Australia) is also an experienced public speaker and conducts workshops for a variety of audiences relating to the topics mentioned above.

Terry has just recently turned his teaching expertise to the internet.

As the Accelerated Learning Guy, he will be creating the:

=> Accelerated Learning Guy TeleSeminars

=> Accelerated Learning Guy TeleCourse

=> Accelerated Learning Guy Mentor Program,

Now living on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, Terry is the father of Lachlan, a crazy, 21year-old downhill mountain biker rider.