Accelerated Learning 4 Beginners: Music = Relaxation + Better Memory + Increased Rapport + Fun For Learners (Part 1)

musical notes

It’s a fact… is around us everyday. It is often used to relax us, to energize, to set the mood, to change our state of mind, to increase our memory and to engage us in our learning environment.

It is extremely important to accelerate our learning and teaching.It has an effect on you, both consciously and subconsciously.

If you’re a teacher, trainer, parent or adult learner, then you know that music has an effect (both positive and negative) on presenters as well as learners.

In Lozanov’s Suggestopedia, music is used as an integral part to accelerate the learning of any topic.

Dr Lozanov said,

“The rhythm, beat and harmony of music affects the human physiology – primary brain waves and heartbeat – in addition to evoking emotions and memories.”

So, how can you use music in your presenting, teaching and learning?

To signal a break and to come back into a new session after a break
• As a signal that something is about to happen.
As a bodily movement state change and to raise the energy
• As a social tool to get learners and yourself into harmony and synchronicity with one another
To wake up the brain so that both left and right sides will contribute to the learning situation.
• For dramatic effects
To help learners relax, focus and be centered
• To obtain your learners’ attention instead of using your voice and regulating the sound volume in your learning place
To support reflection of content and skills learnt and to capture important learning points.
• To create a certain mood and for guided imagery
To build rapport with your learners
• To connect learners with the unused reserves of their minds
To turn negativity into positivity
• To create an atmosphere of fun, joy, wonder, creativity and discovery.
To inspire

So, where to from here?

Go ahead and discover how you can weave music into your learning environment. Experiment! [Oh yes,in Part 2, we will look at the types of music to choose which will accelerate your learning/ teaching/ presenting for both you and your learners.]

Here’s to making ALL learning & training


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