“Accelerated Learning – So, What Is It & What Are Its Benefits?”

If you’re a teacher/ presenter/ trainer, then you have probably been asked such questions as…

• How can I deliver my learning in a more effective way so that each one of my clients/ students tap into the unique potential and knowledge that is already within them?…

• How can I help them develop a high level mastery of what was delivered in a shorter period of time and then transfer this back effectively and efficiently to the workplace and at home?…

• How can I enable my learners to achieve more and to limit their limiting beliefs?…

• How can I boost my ability to inspire and increase my students’ ability to achieve?…

• How can I deliver more content so that my clients both understand and retain more?…

If you have, then Accelerated Learning is certainly the system of learning, facilitation, program design and presentation that will make your learning and teaching more engaging, meaningful, fun, fast, effective and efficient.

Apart from Suggestopedia, developed by George Lozanov, AL incorporates …

1. Learning and Thinking styles

2. Multiple Intelligences

3. Socratic and Focused inquiry

4. Pedagogical theories

5. Neuro Linguistic Programming

6. Hypnosis

7. Learning to learn

8. Learning to think

9. Latest brain research

10. Posters

11. Nutrition

12. Games

13. Music

14. A pleasing, enticing, engaging learning environment, and
Much, much more

“So, what are the benefits of Accelerated Learning for You,Your Learners and Your Organisation?” you ask.

•    Increased motivation and enjoyment at work/ home/ school

•    Improved test scores

•    Each individual thrives and develops beyond what is often considered possible

•    Feel energized

•    Learners are completely involved and supported during their continued learning, both on the job and in their lives•    Created programs are fun, meaningful and desired outcomes are achieved back at home/ work

•    Greater belief in one’s ability to learn and to succeed in life

•    More effective and efficient program design and facilitation

Bottom Line? Start researching the topics mentioned above that you are not familiar with. More importantly, I invite you to add a comment…eg what you would like to know, how you use AL. You know what to do, don’t you?

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