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Sunday Night Inspirational – 212°: The Extra Degree

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

212 degrees

212°: The Extra Degree that was written by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson.

However, Here’s a warning: Once you watch this 3 minute movie, it’ll be hard to forget!

I’ve watched it numerous times but you know what…it still works. Whenever I need a little “nudge” to remind me about the difference between good and great, I’ll watch it again.

The concept is this…at 211° water is hot, but at 212° it boils and turns to steam and steam can power a locomotive. It’s that one extra degree…just one…that makes all the difference. And so many times in business and life it’s that one extra degree of effort that separates the good from the great!

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To watch the 3 minute video segment of 212°…For Your Business and Your Life, just click here. Enjoy!

Oh BTW, the reason this post is going out early is because I am picking up my caring and loving parents from the plane before I put them back on another to fly to New Zealand where they will spend 2 weeks cruising from NZ to OZ. They deserve this time to themselves.


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