Create a Supportive Environment Which Invites & Entices Your Kids To Learn More & Retain More

How many of you have been to a concert? If you haven’t, then think of one that you have watched on TV. It is an absolute fact that a great deal of planning needs to go into making it a success.

Let’s take a moment to consider what needs to be planned before the event takes place:

Venue, date and time, promoters, food, music, ushers, equipment need to bring along, equipment already at the venue, purpose, materials, ticket sellers, lighting, stage set-up, sound equipment, drinks, length of concert and so on.

These factors will help make the concert a success or a failure, provided the band has prepared themselves for it. By that I mean, they have practised and have a following.

So, what has the planning of a concert got to do with leaning?

Let’s examine how these same factors help us and out children be successful.

1) Be organised before sitting down to study. Have the materials (pens, calculator, ruler, writing paper etc) and relevant texts on your desk.

2) The venue you and your kids choose to do their study will enhance their learning. If they sit in front of the TV or a computer then they are not enhancing their learning, Both have a detrimental effect on your child’s learning.

Basically, your kids must study in their best thinking place.

3) Use low lighting . Bright lights stress our eyes, making learning harder. Fluorescent lights flicker at a different rate to our brains. So your kids become tired, unmotivated and can have headaches.

4) Display posters such as topic mind maps above eye level. This way they can access their visual memory.

5) Create afformation posters or motivational ones such as “Why do I find it so easy to do Maths?” or “Why am I so lucky to have, do and be anything that I want?”. Display these at ear level. When you say them aloud, you are accessing your auditory recall.

6) Use color to strengthen your child’s learning. Use red, green and blue for important words; yellow and orange for highlighting.

7) Have plants in the study area. They supply our air with oxygen. And our brain thrives on oxygen, doesn’t it?

8) Play music to create the mood. Before commencing learning, use upbeat music. During the learning process, play baroque and classical to stimulate your child’s learning. Then, to signify the end of a session, once again a song that is full of energy.

9) Spray or burn specific scents which increase your child’s ability to think creatively. Peppermint, lemon and rosemary are known to increase alertness . For relaxation and calmness , use lavender and chamomile.

Quick question: How many of these 9 essential elements do you have in your child’s supportive learning environment?

If you do use them, then “Congratulations!” Celebrate your doing this.

If you don’t, then I invite you to do so. Your kids will thank you by their results and increased love of learning. And how good would that feel!

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