“Financial Board Games + Mentors = Fun + Success + Less Challenges”

To raise a smart rich kid, you absolutely have to watch what you DO with money, what you SAY about money and from the EXPERIENCES you’re providing your children with regard to money.

This post is the fourth tip in ” Vital Steps To Raise¬† A Smart Rich Kid”. Previously I covered, Don’t Use This Vital Step, Oh NO! I Didn’t Say Or Do That! and Develop Your Child’s Belief System,

Have you put them into action?¬† Did you make a comment or share them with someone else? They are useful, aren’t they?

So, firstly, let’s now look at the value of playing financial board games

When you and your family do this, then you will be teaching your kids valuable skills. AND..they will be having fun as well.

Did you play board games when you were a child? I certainly did…and I also managed to have the odd ‘fight’ or two with my brothers as well. Now that’s another story!

Anyway, games are fun; they teach all of us vital human interaction skills; you get powerful feedback and this leads to self discovery; games encourage risk taking and we can definitely learn valuable financial skills.

OK, this is where I invite you to do something

Start playing financial board games – play them often…and you can find the time, can’t you?

Secondly, Mentors

When You Find Mentors For Your Children, You Lessen Their Daily Challenges and Frustrations!

For me, mentors have been truly helpful in taking me from where I am to where I want to go….in such a short period of time…

And…whenever I want to achieve something in business or in my personal life…whatever….one of the first things I do is seek out a mentor who has already achieved it ….and…someone who knows how to help others to achieve that as well.

You may be wondering, “Where and how can I get started?” By the way, it’s a good thing to wonder, because that means that you are already in front of me.

  • Read books about people
  • Listen to audio program
  • Watch DVDs and relevant TV programs biographical ones

Let’s Talk…

I would live to hear your thoughts on these topics.

What financial games do you play with your family? How often? Do your kids have mentors? Who are they? Why did you or they choose that mentor?

Just leave a comment and let others know what you do.

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