How Can We Set A Good Example For Our Kids In These Tough Times?

During the last month or so, I would like a $1 for every time this question has been said to me.

Thanks to Tina from and many others, I would like to take this opportunity to respond.

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It doesn’t matter where we live in this amazing world, things are certainly difficult right now with the present global financial situation…and especially if you have kids at home.

They too would be experiencing the stress. This can have negative results which can last into their adulthood, can’t they?

I recently read a research report written in 1994 by Roger Conger and others who stated that:

“The parents’ constant conflicts, irritability and hostile exchanges over money matters were what greatly increased the likelihood of their children’s emotional and behavior problems.”

Very interesting finding!

So, let’s look at 4 ways you can lessen this happening with your kids

1. Be open with them.

OK, I realise that this is rather obvious. It is not meant to be condescending. Our kids know when things are not going well in our family. They can feel the tension and stress and many times they feel that they are to blame.

2. Tell It As It Is.

Your kids are constantly watching and listening to what you say and what you do with your money. They are learning from the experiences you are giving them.

Be careful with the messages you are giving your children. As you already know, it is not just the words that you say. It is also your facial expressions and your tone of voice.

3. Turn Off the News

Let’s face it…the news is mostly about negative events. That’s what makes the news, isn’t it?  So wouldn’t it be better to limit the amount of negativity they are receiving during their day?

4. Ask For Help if You Can’t Cope!

This is not just restricted to getting help for your kids to deal with matters. Remember that YOU are the most important person in your child’s life.

Many times we parents worry too much about the rest of the family and say, “We’ll be all right, mate!”

OK, It’s Let’s Talk Time…

I would love to hear what you are doing to deal with matters. What examples are you giving to your children? What are you discussing with them?

What are you not sharing with your kids? Are there some topics you find ‘difficult’ to be open about in these tough times?

I invite you to leave a comment below. You will be helping others get through this time.

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