How To Get Your Kids Into a Learning State of Focused Concentration (Part 2)

In Part 1(Get Your Children Into a State of Focused Concentration & They Can Learn Faster ) I invited you to use a technique that will get your kids into a positive learning state. This is the state your kids should get into any time they need to take in, store and recall information.

It will absolutely make time go fast, everything will be more fun and it will be easier to learn.

By the way, you can put Part 1 into action, can’t you?

Let me explain another powerful state for learning…the SLANT technique.

It is a strategy adapted by Dr Ed Ellis. With SLANT, your kids will discover how to pay attention, not just in their classes.

Here’s what you do:

  • Sit up-in your chair
  • Lean forward – this tells the speaker that you are interested. It also alerts your brain to be curious.
  • Ask Questions – When you do this, you keep your mind engaged. Eg what will he tells us next? You also get clarity or you can have them repeat information that was said.
  • Nod your head – This shows the speaker that you’re listening. It sends a message to the speaker and to your own brain as well.
  • Talk to the speaker – According to research, learning happens in the same part of your brain where relationships and connections are made. (MacLean, 1990) So, talk to the speaker/ presenter/ teacher and build a relationship with them.

Model the SLANT technique to your kids and practise it frequently. This way they can access the best state for learning and your kids will learn more, in less time and with less effort.

How good does that sound? How great would your kids feel? Can you see them enjoying learning?

Bonus tip

  • Have your kids sit close to the front of their class or when they need to listen to someone… they’ll pay greater attention.
  • Remember:Your kids are watching and listening to everything you do…so model attentive behavior yourself.

OK, It’s Let’s Talk Time…

I invite you to practise this technique and let me know how you and your children find it. Will it be easy? Probably not at the beginning. As you are aware, making something a habit takes time. It needs to become part of your daily routine or rituals.

I also invite you to leave a comment below and share what has worked…what hasn’t.

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