Monday Minute AL Tip: Color = Enhanced Memory + Retention

Here’s what I’ve got for You

Were you aware that color …

  • Enhances memory and is a vital factor to increase the retention of information?
  • Stimulates, excites, increases brain activity as well help to relax?
  • Motivates kids to learn?
  • Inspires creativity?
  • Keeps learners focused for a longer period of time?
  • Assists ALL learners, no matter what their ages are ( child to adult)
  • Keeps all learners engaged and therefore learning occurs.

Here’s what I want you to do …

If you are a parent, teacher, trainer, presenter or an adult learner, it’s crucial for us to know how to use it to our benefit. Start using colored pens, pencils and highlighters to enhance your learning and teaching. If you want more stimulation, use red, orange and yellow. To induce relaxation, use green, blue and violet.

Also consider what colors you use at home to decorate the bedrooms or areas where learning takes place. Research show that a colorful bedroom is certainly beneficial for babies.


Enhancing Learning and Facilitation To Be…
More Effective & Efficient,
Continued & Meaningful,
Fast, Energized & FUN!

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