“Parents! Be Careful! Your Children Are Intently Watching and Listening”

Parents, you know that you are an instant mentor to your kids. Your kids and other kids are watching you and listening to you. So too are the kids who are in your circle who actually look up to you.

We all know that it’s important to set yourself up so that the lessons that you are teaching your children are firstly, not negative ones. You, or maybe some parents you know, might be saying,

“I don’t know how to teach this stuff…how to balance a checkbook….I don’t know how to do …….. The one stress that I have in my life is financial… How can I teach my kids not to live that kind of life?”

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Right, back to this post. We were looking at those negatives.

So, firstly, STOP doing those negative things in front of your children.

  • Stop using such words as, “We can’t afford that”, “Do you think money grows on trees”. Stop not including your kids in discussions about money.
  • Stop wasting your money. Stop buying wasteful amounts of say, lottery tickets, or whatever. I am not saying that those things do not have their place, if that is what you are enjoying.

All I’m saying is that, if you’re wasting money in front of your children, then this is not the right thing to do.

Slowly START doing some positive things.

  • Let your kids see you balancing your checkbook.
  • Let them see you rewarding yourself and having fun. Have them celebrate with you.

Being a parent and a mentor to your kids, you are continuously fostering learning. You shape their character. You challenge them. You counsel them.

Let me ask you this question:

Is being a role model to your kids an easy task?…NO or No? It can be frightening.

If you yell, guess what? Your children will model yelling. If you manage money poorly, then your children have a better than average chance to do the same.

You and I are models and mentors for our kids – no matter if our behavior is good or bad.

So, what can you do to be a positive role model…to be a life-changing mentor to your children?

Strengthen in your children a positive self
perception or ideas of themselves

I strongly believe that ALL kids are born smart and rich.

It’s what we do as adults that either reinforces this perception or has a negative effect on them for the rest of their lives.

I was recently asked, “How can I teach them to: not overspend or not live beyond their means? …stay out of credit card debt? …..save money for emergencies?….budget their money?…..learn to invest?…. start saving for retirement early enough?”…..and so on.

Hey, you are not alone….93%….an overwhelming majority of parents surveyed by Charles Schwab… were worried that their children may make financial missteps like those just mentioned.

Open, honest communication, as well as watching the examples you set for them, are some of the most important ways kids learn from their parents.

In order for your child to develop a healthy relationship with money, he must feel safe around the topic of money. It’s your job to provide that safe place.

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