“Seek Out Mentors For Your Children – They Lessen Their Daily Challenges & Frustrations”

As parents, we know that our kids and other kids are watching us. And you know what’s really spooky? …

It’s not just your kids who will be watching you… it’s your nieces/ nephews, anybody else in your family…..anybody else who is in your circle and who actually looks up to you.

You know what else is spooky?

Some parents…

  • Don’t feel comfortable with this role….do you?
  • Want someone who has achieved the results that their kids want ..Are you one of these parents?
  • Don’t want their kids making the same mistakes that they have made…Do you know someone like this?
  • If you can relate to the above questions or you know someone who can, then this is what you can do…

    Seek out a mentor and ask questions!
    They will cut years off your learning.

    If you have ever had a mentor, then you will know that mentors are truly helpful in taking you from where you are to where you want to go. And you can do it in such a short period of time.

    For me, I have always searched for a mentor who has already achieved whatever I want to achieve…someone who’s the best in the business… and someone who knows how to help others to achieve that as well.

    What do you do? Does this feel, look or sound familiar to you?

    Next, I do whatever I can to align myself with that person

    • Listen to their audio programs or watch their DVDs.
    • Be involved through their tele-coaching programs or their one on one coaching programs.
    • Read their books.

    But I always try to locate somebody…and do whatever is possible…to get them on my team, one way or the other.

    You may be wondering why I do this and, as I have said before, it is a good thing to wonder because that means that you are discovering things.

    I do this because I know that it could take me one to 10 years to accomplish one goal…or…it could take me one to 10 months. This all depends on whether I have the right mentor to guide me through all the pitfalls.

  • So, what can you do if you/ your child does not have a mentor? Here’s what I invite you to do now:
    1. Seek a mentor – Find someone who is successful and has achieved the results you want. Copy their successes, learn from their mistakes -follow their advice.
    2. Look around you:- read books; listen to audio programs; watch DVDs and appropriate TV programs.
      Go online – research for someone who is willing to help you.
    3. Learn and TAKE ACTION! Use those resources that you have sitting on your shelves. Contact your mentor. Ask your mentor questions and be willing to accept their feedback.
    4. Work out a Plan – What specific, measurable results do you want? What are the milestones you are going to meet to achieve those results? What actions must you follow to reach those milestones? By when?
    5. Be Persistent – Never, never give up…when do you give up? NEVER! Be patient – follow your plan. Will you feel like ‘giving up’? Of course. That’s natural. Just remain focused.
    6. Hang out with positive, like-minded people– This is an obvious choice.
  • Remember: All the reading and watching you and your kids do will matter absolutely nothing unless you encourage actions first, mistakes second and lessons third.Remember the saying? …READY….FIRE….AIM!

    Let’s Talk…

    If your kids had the opportunity to learn from someone, whom would that person be?
    Why would your kids choose that person?
    Do they already have a mentor, apart from yourself? Who?

    Did that person have a significant affect on their results? What happened?

    I would love to hear what you have to say so here’s your chance to leave a comment. You will be helping others as well.

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