Sunday Night Inspirational – Heart of a Teacher

HOAT How many of you know a teacher who has made a difference in your life? How about a coach or trainer, a facilitator or a presenter who has made a difference to you as a client?

Let me explain…

Until the age of 12, I grew up in Thangool, Queensland, Australia. It was an extremely small town of 200 people.  And during those years there was one teacher who had a great influence on me.

His name was George Whittington…naturally we all called him “Dick”….not to his face, though. Apart from being the principal and being responsible for the running of the school, he was also my Grade 6 and 7 teacher. One memory I have was his smoking a pipe. What an aroma!

More importantly, he always had time for each one of his students. I felt that each of us was made to feel important and recognised for the talents we had.

So if you’re a teacher / coach/ trainer/ mentor, or if, like me, your life was greatly influenced by a one of those people, you’re going to love this movie! If you’re a coach, then I suggest that you substitute the word “client” for “child”. The beautiful poem, The Heart of a Teacher, was written by Paula Fox.

So, here’s you opportunity to honor any person in your life who has made a difference.  Just click here to watch! And by the way, it’ll make the perfect gift for any teacher this holiday season!

ENJOY!!! and share with others.


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