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Accelerated Learning 4 Beginners: Music = Relaxation + Better Memory + Increased Rapport + Fun For Learners (Part 1)

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

musical notes

It’s a fact… is around us everyday. It is often used to relax us, to energize, to set the mood, to change our state of mind, to increase our memory and to engage us in our learning environment.

It is extremely important to accelerate our learning and teaching.It has an effect on you, both consciously and subconsciously.

If you’re a teacher, trainer, parent or adult learner, then you know that music has an effect (both positive and negative) on presenters as well as learners.

In Lozanov’s Suggestopedia, music is used as an integral part to accelerate the learning of any topic.

Dr Lozanov said,

“The rhythm, beat and harmony of music affects the human physiology – primary brain waves and heartbeat – in addition to evoking emotions and memories.”

So, how can you use music in your presenting, teaching and learning? (more…)

How To Get Your Kids Into a Learning State of Focused Concentration (Part 2)

Friday, October 24th, 2008

In Part 1(Get Your Children Into a State of Focused Concentration & They Can Learn Faster ) I invited you to use a technique that will get your kids into a positive learning state. This is the state your kids should get into any time they need to take in, store and recall information.

It will absolutely make time go fast, everything will be more fun and it will be easier to learn.

By the way, you can put Part 1 into action, can’t you?

Let me explain another powerful state for learning…the SLANT technique.

It is a strategy adapted by Dr Ed Ellis. With SLANT, your kids will discover how to pay attention, not just in their classes.

Here’s what you do: (more…)

Get Your Children Into a State of Focused Concentration & They Can Learn Faster (Part 1)

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Would you like your kids to learn techniques where time goes faster, where they can spend more time doing other things which they really enjoy, get better results on tests, study less and they’ll do better in school and enjoy it?

I was first introduced to this technique by Tad James, a certified Master Trainer in NLP. This technique absolutely works. I have used it extensively to empower both kids and adults so they are totally focused.

Let me explain… (more…)