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“Seek Out Mentors For Your Children – They Lessen Their Daily Challenges & Frustrations”

Monday, October 6th, 2008

As parents, we know that our kids and other kids are watching us. And you know what’s really spooky? …

It’s not just your kids who will be watching you… it’s your nieces/ nephews, anybody else in your family…..anybody else who is in your circle and who actually looks up to you.

You know what else is spooky?

Some parents…

  • Don’t feel comfortable with this role….do you?
  • Want someone who has achieved the results that their kids want ..Are you one of these parents?
  • Don’t want their kids making the same mistakes that they have made…Do you know someone like this?
  • If you can relate to the above questions or you know someone who can, then this is what you can do… (more…)