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“Parents! Be Careful! Your Children Are Intently Watching and Listening”

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Parents, you know that you are an instant mentor to your kids. Your kids and other kids are watching you and listening to you. So too are the kids who are in your circle who actually look up to you.

We all know that it’s important to set yourself up so that the lessons that you are teaching your children are firstly, not negative ones. You, or maybe some parents you know, might be saying,

“I don’t know how to teach this stuff…how to balance a checkbook….I don’t know how to do …….. The one stress that I have in my life is (more…)

“Oh NO! I Didn’t Say Or Do That”

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

If you are an example to your children, then they can have abundance, success and wealth!

So, what’s new, Terry? That is nothing new! So true.

Let me say this…Our kids often end up doing things exactly like they saw us doing or what they heard us say….why wouldn’t they? We are their instant mentor…their role model.

Ok, just for the fun of it, (I’m into fun)…just for today –

Here’s what I invite you to do:

  • Listen to the words you use with your children eg “We can’t afford that”
  • Have conversations about money; involve them in the decision making process eg planning a vacation.
  • Provide experiences that teach them about using money in a positive way.

Now it’s Let’s Talk time.

What words have you heard someone come out with to their kids? Maybe that person is you? Do you involve your kids in discussions about money? What experiences do you give your children?

Go ahead…Leave you to hear what you have to say/ do/ the experiences