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“Accelerated Learning 4 Beginners – Which Music Makes Learners Receptive, Energized & Inspired?” (Part 2)

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

musical notes

Many of you are aware that certain music enhances our learning and teaching.

Depending on the purpose and type of music, we can retain more, become more receptive and our minds are relaxed.

Research shows that the type of music you listen to creates different brain wave – alpha, beta, theta and delta.

Ok, let’s see what types of music to use, why you should use these types and when it would be appropriate to use each different musical genre… (more…)

“Mazzer! Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya?”

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009


SORRY!!! That’s not
me. It’s one of our
beautiful Aussie
models, Lara Bingle.

“OK, Terry, what has a picture of your Aussie model, Lara Bingle, got to do with this post?” you are probably asking.

(Lara was used in the controversial 2006 Tourism Australian advertising and the catchphrase was, “Where the Bloody Hell Are You?”)

To be honest, firstly, I wanted to get your attention. Secondly, it struck me that people have been asking where I have been.

Well, that is a great question. It’s taken me 12 months to finally get back into doing something that I was enjoying. Without going into all the finer details, let me just say that there has been a great deal of personal growth – mentally, relationally, financially and spiritually. (This usually occurs after a divorce and all the challenges associated with it) …Oh yes, and plenty of inspiring walks on the beach.

So, what have I got for you?

In the posts that will be ‘comin at ya’, there will be heaps about how accelerated learning can make your learning / teaching/ training/ presenting more effective and efficient, engaging and meaningful, faster and easier and heaps of FUN!

There will be numerous practical tips posted + +++++ a great deal more…so, let’s get this ‘show’ started. (And…I promise you that, if that is not the case, then you can kick my butt!)

Here’s to an engaging, emotional day.