Tap Into Your Child’s Preferred Learning Style So They Become a More Active & Involved Learner

When our kids discover HOW they learn, they absolutely gain more control over their lives. They are able to demonstrate and share their strengths, boost their self-esteem, become less afraid to make mistakes and increase their capacity to solve problems in life.

Most people, so this includes our ‘kids’, have access to all three main learning styles or modalities. (visual, auditory and kinesthetic).Oh yes, there is also gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell).

Everyone is auditory and visual, just like you have two hands. It’s just that almost all of us have a preferred learning modality.

Let’s have a quick look at the traits associated with each modality.

Does that sound OK? Does that feel alright to do it now? Yes? Thank you.

So, how does each learner learn best?

Firstly, the visual learners : They access learning through images, remembered and created ones. Colors, pictures and mental images dominate this learning style. They like to take notes and create lists. They read for information and find it easier to learn from books, movies and handouts.

With auditory learners, they access learning through sounds and words. They like to listen to a lecture. They enjoy talking aloud. They like it when they can discuss topics with others.

Whereas the kinesthetic learners like to be doing things. They want hands-on activities and prefer to move around as they are leaning.

By the way, do you have a child who can’t sit still? Or they fiddle with things? Or they rock in their chair? It’s a very good chance that he/she is a kinesthetic learner.

Oh yes, the language each of us uses is associated with our learning style.

Take the time to listen to others, and yourself, as they speak.

Do you or they say such words or phrases as:

  • Sight for sore eyes…do you see what I mean?…can you get a mental picture of that? (Visual)
  • Perhaps they or you uses these phrases: I hear that ….clear as a bell…tune in to this idea (Auditory)
  • Or have you heard these words?…get a hold of that….does it feel good…get a handle on…(Kinesthetic)

By listening to the language you use and your child uses, you can better help your kids to become active and involved learners. Remember not to pigeon hole their learning modality because we all switch from time to time. We can also use several learning styles at once.

Can you imagine the learning problems your children have if their teachers (and also yourself) do not know your child’s preferred learning style? What if their teacher (and yourself) have a different preferred way of explaining things?

Here’s what I invite you to do now:

  • Search ‘learning styles inventories‘. Identify both your learning modality and your child’s.
  • Identify how your child learns best.
  • How will your child need to see or hear the materials presented to them.
  • What particular learning strategies can they use to help them in ALL subjects.
  • What are they a natural at?
  • What difficulties could they experience because of their preferred learning style?

OK, It’s Let’s Talk Time…

I invite you to follow the steps mentioned above –  identify your learning style / modality and your child’s preferred style. Research and apply the techniques that you discover so that your kids can have the best chance to achieve their potential.

I also invite you to leave a comment below and share what you are putting into action. You can do that, can’t you?

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