The Question Must Be “How Are Your Kids SMART?” – Not – “How Smart Are They?”

Howard Gardner, the Harvard psychologist and researcher, is best known for developing the theory of multiple intelligences. He uncovered many different types of intelligences, not just THAT ONE we are all familiar with, IQ.

Oh yes, these intelligences also keep developing through our lives.

When parents and teachers know our kids dominant intelligences, they stop getting bored at school. They stop being overwhelmed by challenges, less afraid to try new things and less anxious. They experience learning as FUN.

To remember all of the intelligences, I use the acronym SLIM -N -BIL.

Let’s look at a very brief explanation of each one.

Spatial – Visual – Thinking in pictures and images (eg sketching, designs, movies, charts)

Linguistic- Verbal – thinking in words (eg- speaking, words, listening, books, email,)

Interpersonal – thinking by communicating with others (eg sharing, caring, leading, friends, clubs, socializing)

Musical – thinking with rhythms and melodies (eg singing, tapping, musical instruments)

Naturalist – thinking in reference to nature (eg animals, nature walks, discovery)

Bodily – Tactile – Kinesthetic– thinking through movement and physical sensations (eg games, dancing, touching, assembling, creating)

Intrapersonal – thinking reflectively (also known as ‘Emotional Intelligence) (eg being quiet, dreaming, setting goals, time alone)

Logical – Mathematical – thinking by reasoning (eg questioning, calculating, puzzles, facts)

Here’s what I suggest and invite you to do NOW!

  1. Search “Multiple Intelligences” or Howard Gardner.
  2. Complete an inventory to identify your child’s dominant intelligences and yours as well.
  3. Identify which school activities and classes would enhance your children’s learning.
  4. Weave SLIM -N- BIL into your child’s experiences. Be aware of what you do and how you say things so they are engaged.
  5. Instil ‘multiple intelligences’ activities into your everyday dealings with your children.
  6. Most importantly, be willing to step outside your comfort zone when you are parenting your kids. You can do this, can’t you?

OK, It’s Let’s Talk Time…

I invite you to follow the steps mentioned above –  identify your child’s dominant intelligences. Research and apply the techniques that you discover so that your kids can have the best chance to achieve their potential.

Before you go, I also invite you to leave a comment below and share what you have experienced once you have discovered how you kids are smart.

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