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“At Last! Life-Changing, Interactive

Workshops With Real Content, Real

Applicable Strategies & Real Ways

To Orchestrate Learner Success &

Truly Teach All Learners How To

Co-Create Their Own Futures!”

Attention: Educators, Corporate Executives, Coaches, Trainers and Parents

and anyone else who wants to massively accelerate their learning.

From the desk of Terry Mazzer,

(Sponsor of Dr Jeannette Vos’s workshops in Australia!  Yes, this internationally acclaimed author, teacher, trainer and leading expert in accelerated, integrative & conceptual learning and thinking based programmes is coming to the Gold Coast in July! I took her training in New Zealand and it was awesome!

Dear Fellow Educator,

As you are aware, we are moving from the Information age to the Conceptual Age of high concept and high touch In the conceptual age, you, I and all learners will need to compliment our left-brain dominance with the mastery of 7 abilities that are essential for professional and personal fulfilment.

The future belongs to a different kind of person – one who can draw on the research from around the advanced world: both the technology and the holistic balance.

The school of the future will be personalized for every individual – on the one hand, capitalizing on the instant information that is now available. And, on the other hand, using the whole world and the whole self as the classroom.

The self-evaluation matrix will be the most powerful assessment tool so that the learner can learn to take ownership of her own learning, and run her own brain.

Welcome to the new learning and teaching world,

where unlimited access to unlimited opportunities

are discovered & created!

Let me ask you some questions:

  • Are you serious about rapidly enhancing your learning, teaching and training?
  • Would you like to know how you can do what you are truly passionate about and get your learners to be so at the same time?
  • Are you prepared to suspend doubt for just a moment and open your mind to the possibility that you and they can have the high achieving results you or they want?

If  you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above, then I’ve written this letter for you…

Dr. Jeannette Vos is an international author, accelerated learning expert, brain/mind researcher and educator — who has worked in the trenches with all age levels and ability levels, including at-risk students. My first book, The Learning Revolution, (co-authored with Gordon Dryden), sold over 10 million copies!!! Yes, you read it correctly! 10 million!

Her workshops achieve more than all the traditional train-the-trainer programs combined. WHY? You are probably asking….

Because these workshops include all the ingredients which will enable you to both design and facilitate accelerated, integrative & conceptual learning and thinking based programmes.

This will certainly happen in any and all areas of training, learning and development you or your organization need … either at work, at business or at home.

Let me explain…

What if …There was a way to enhance and deepen learning to make every learning minute and your investment count

What if … There was a programme that supported learners in building skills and competency in the content you are facilitating as you help learners develop the capacity to learn a learner’s mindset ...

What if … You could design and facilitate learning more effectively and efficiently

What if … You could create programmes that are fun and more meaningful and that such program achieved the desired outcomes back at home or at workGUARANTEED!…

What if … You had an accelerated/integrative/conceptual learning program which completely involved learners and supported their continued learning on-the-job and in their lives

What if …there were life-changing workshops that improved on-the-job results and continuous learning and improvement

What if … You or your learners enjoyed work/learning more and feel energised during and after every program you develop and facilitate…

What if… You could learn and apply the skills to teach ANY student at ANY age level, with ANY learning difficulties or behavior problems …

OK, Let’s stop for a moment and …


How good that would look when you witness learners fully engaged and having fun?


How you or your learners would feel when both of you are more motivated and confident ? …


What that would sound like as you hear their engaged conversations ?

Well, when you or someone whom you know, participates in Dr. Vos’ workshops (which are tailored to meet your needs), you will be totally aware of the benefits for You, Your Learners and Your Organization.

Read what others around the world are saying

about Jeannette’s trainings and workshops …

“It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Jeannette Vos.  Organized and concise information that is relevant to professional and personal development? … well, Dr. Jeanette Vos delivers on all accounts.  Her application of technical and procedural know-how to help others get the job done in both the academic and corporate arena is evident in her seminars … a master educator, teaching accelerated learning and business practices as your learn in an accelerated format … it’s the best.

Her delivery and content is exceptional.  The seminars I have attended have enhanced my personal and professional development.  As you read this sentence … her techniques are increasing my company’s financial success.   I highly recommend her work … 5-Stars!”

Paul H. Webb CEO – I.T.S., Inc., USA

“As an educator and pastor, I highly recommend Dr Vos’ seminar on accelerated learning, involving how to break resistance to learning.  Dr Vos’ seminar and book opens the door of discovery for a way of teaching and learning that is exciting and far more effective than traditional methods. Thank you!”

Tom Rudmik, CEO, and Superintendent of Master’s Academy and College, and Associate Pastor, First Assembly Church,  Calgary Alberta, Canada

“On stage” Dr. Vos is absolutely outstanding with… inspiring groups and individuals, breaking resistances and in helping people to understand the true learning process.  She is one of the most generous and inspiring people I know and therefore it is very easy for me to recommend her and her different programs.”
Ulla Eriksson, SAAB trainer, former Managing Director and Pedagogical Leader,  Linköpings Utbildnings-Serice AB, Sweden

“Jeannette’s workshops helped me to understand what True Learning really means. I can now build the principles into my daily work in Hungary and apply them at each level of the education system.”

Bali Polyanki, Psychologist, Budapest

“Jeannette presents a unique and powerful learning experience. She practises what she preaches.  For me, it was more than just ‘another workshop’.   It was a life-changing event…….possibly the best I have been a part of.

With my newly acquired powerful learning strategies, I am now facilitating more effectively and efficiently — for both parents and students. (By the way, Jeannette, my students now find learning more fun and meaningful, more engaging and long-lasting.)”

Terry Mazzer, Accelerated Learning Coach, Teacher and Trainer, Gold Coast, Australia

“Jeannette addresses so many issues with a new perspective, in such an effective way,  based on the latest brain research, accelerated/integrative/conceptual learning and updated instructional design technologies. Her workshops are an eye-opening, brain-stimulating encounter for me.  I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience it!

Dr. Vos covers such a diverse range of educational topics in a relaxed, open environment.  I personally recommend this training to parents, teachers and administrators.  Actually, it is for ANYONE who wants more excellence in their performance and productivity.”
Sally McCarthy, parent, and Natural Nutrition/Health Coach, New Zealand

Still not convinced?…then read on

“I was initially introduced to “accelerated learning” by Peter Kline in the early ‘90’s.  I have “experimented’ with the process since then over a 20+ year graduate teaching career and as a workshop leader.

Following a 10 day Spanish course in Mexico during May 2007, I was appalled and disappointed by the pedagogy although the instructors were engaging.  Why aren’t they using “accelerated learning” I asked?

I came home, searched the internet for programs on learning Spanish by this method.  In this research I discovered The New Learning Revolution by Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos.  I contacted Jeannette to find a workshop that I could attend to further my knowledge and capacity in this wonderful process of learning (I also found a Spanish accelerated learning program that is very well done).

When Unlimited, the New Learning Revolution and the 7 Keys to Unlock It was published in 2009, I got a copy, read it and again contacted Jeannette.  I found she was to be in San Diego in August of that year.

We arranged a private consultation over a 3-4 day period to focus on a particular 3- hour job search “laboratory” sequence that I was leading in a Seattle graduate program.

This consultation was rich in process, content, and personalized to my needs. Jeannette created a clear outline of our consulting process well in advance.  She did this by asking me for my expectations and outcomes, clarifying these as needed and creating the consultation around those needs.  Jeannette was professional, light, fun, focused and alive with her stories.

We talked, I did my “homework”, I practiced my revised lesson with her, and we even ate with intention.  We comprehensively covered the 7 Keys to Effective Teaching. On the last day, we were on the waterfront dancing to a variety of music related to creating certain “states”. She has an incredible way of both creating and maximizing the space within which we were learning.

I returned and began implementing the accelerated conceptual learning process, including music selections, movement, and created more visuals into my job search laboratories.  My students have responded very positively.

During one laboratory, several students expressed their appreciation for giving them time to engage with one another and also the time to have the entire group work collectively on their particular needs.

We laugh during the brain stimulation exercises, they engage each other and I give them time to reflect on the various visuals that I provide and post on the walls.   I see the connections that they are getting with the material when I select the appropriate music to the situation.  It’s a wonderful way to teach!

I so enjoyed Jeannette:  her accessibility to the content and processes of accelerated learning, her balance of humour and professionalism, and her inspiring energy and commitment to this wonderful learning process.  She and Gordon are the Chroniclers of Accelerated Learning.”

Phil Ronninger, Coordinator of Work Transition, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Bainbridge Island, WA.)




*** These workshops will enable teachers to create learning experiences in which EACH student thrives. The intensive training includes all skills and competencies to effectively apply accelerated/integrative/conceptual learning and thinking to any subject or age group.

The methodology leads to the following learner outcomes:

  • Improved test results
  • Positive classroom climate and reduced disciplinary problems
  • Greater motivation and enjoyment of school and the workplace
  • Enhanced social skills, including leadership, collaborative skills, communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Enhanced emotional skills, including resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Greater belief in one’s ability to learn and to succeed in life
  • Enhanced skills in creative and critical thinking and problem solving
  • Learning to learn skills for life-long development.

And more!



Register for one/both of the three-day Accelerated Learning Workshop.

[That decision will be the best one you’ve made. It WILL be Life-Changing. There WILL be real content, real applicable strategies & real ways to orchestrate learner success & totally teach students how to co-create their own futures!]

So, Terry, HOW can I register and what are the workshop details?…

Contact me

07 5525 0944 or 0407 547 624


When your organization sends 5 or more participants

to both workshops, you will receive FREE 1 day

personal coaching by Jeannette + 2 x 1hr Skype Q & A sessions!


Dates: 30 June, 1 & 2 July

(Workshop 1 – Accelerate You Learning, Teaching and Training By Using The Power of Accelerated/ Integrative /Conceptual Learning)

During this workshop
You’ll learn how to rewire, restructure and stimulate your brain to grow healthier and more intelligent (and to teach others to do the same)
You’ll experience, understand, and implement the basics of true learning with ease and joy (regardless of whether you or the people in your organization have learning difficulties)

You’ll experience the 7 powerful stages of learning and teaching and how to apply them to your own subject area or grade level.

You’ll experience innovative teaching and learning methods that can be applied to any learning, thinking and working style
You’ll understand why people “fail” and what to do about it
You’ll apply cognitive and neuroscience research to any subject or to any workplace
You’ll learn about successful accelerated, integrative and conceptual learning models that help students or workers achieve excellence – beyond minimum standards

You’ll receive valuable instruction on how to effectively incorporate music into your workplace, trainings and classrooms, especially to enhance foreign language learning
You’ll enhance your learning, thinking, creating fitness, gain nutrition tips for promoting a healthy brain/mind/body, and improve the well- being of others …

++++ And much, much more!

After You Have Finished The First Three-Day Workshop,

You Are Ready For The Second Part…

Dates: 5,6 & 7 July

(Workshop 2 – Uncover the Dynamics of the Learning Process and Breaking the Learning Barriers) …. (Prerequisite, Workshop One)


Here you are invited t

…Learn how to grapple with resistance, and propel your organization or your students in spite of demands of the global changes
Learn about the thinking tools of the world’s most creative people and how to implement them effectively into your own lesson plans
Discover the secrets of how a teacher or parent can tap into the genius of every child

Learn how to teach to both the conscious and the subconscious mind so that more intelligence is literally being created

Learn how to create an optimal learning or working environment for all learning and working styles even amidst learning difficulties and challenging behavior problems

Create a culture of harmony, teamwork innovation, values and responsibility to achieve goals and objectives

Improve your learner’s performance through matrix and formative assessment
Incorporate accelerated learning strategies for learning faster and easier, even foreign languages

Learn about the five dysfunctions – and the solutions – of community building and establishing team rapport
Discover how to build the 6 ingredients of self esteem development into the workplace and/or classroom in a natural, but strategic way

Discover the 7 abilities that are essential for professional and personal fulfilment – and how to master them

Learn how to “sell the brain” using music, nutrition and other subliminal techniques
… Discover the 9 essential components of the true learning classroom and/or organization of a new learning framework …
And, once again, much, much more!

OK, here are the details …

Session times:   9.00am- 4.30pm (45 minutes for lunch; 2×15 minute breaks)

Venue: Varsity College Auditorium

Investment: $760  (Workshop 1)      $1,050  (Workshop 2)

(Morning/ afternoon teas supplied)

UNBELIEVABLE Group Rates!!: There are group rates for the workshop, so it would be beneficial both mentally and financially to come as a group of 5 or more, wouldn’t it?

Workshop 1 Early Bird

(by 1 June)



Per Person Experience $709.00 $760.00
2 People Experience $647.00 $710.00
3-5 People Experience $587.00 $650.00
5+ People Experience $509.00 $570.00
Workshop 2 NormalAUD
Per Person Process $1,050.00


When your organization sends 5 or more participants to both workshops, you will receive FREE 1 day personal coaching by Jeannette + 2 x 1hr Skype Q & A sessions! (TOTAL VALUE: OVER $3,577) (*Conditions apply)




You’re invited to register. You can do this by going online or calling me NOW on 5525 0944 or 0407 547 624 ….and you do want to do this, don’t you!

If you have any questions and require more information, then use the above contact details.

It is my pleasure to be your partner in orchestrating learner success and co-creating life-long learners who:

  • move beyond their limiting beliefs
  • tap into their inner knowing and potential,
  • develop a high level of mastery in a short period of time and are
  • confident, motivated and enthusiastic.


(Sponsor for the Learning Revolution workshops in Australia)

P.S. …Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to offer to you, your learners and your organisation.

P.P.S. . . Do You Know Someone Else Who Would Benefit From This Chance? Have them CALL me. You’ll be rewarded for every signed-up referral.

P.P.P.S … These workshops are not restricted to teachers or university people. There will be some business people there as well; the intention is to get into this “global learning” mode.

We really need to get out of the tunnel vision and create the connectedness and the links to the various systems, cultures, and opportunities globally.

P.P.P.P.S… What is the one question you need to ask me that would cause you to want these workshops totally and completely now?

Contact me by email … or 

Call 0407 547 624 or    07 5525 0944


When your organization sends 5 or more participants to both workshops, you will receive FREE 1 day personal coaching by Jeannette + 2 x 1hr Skype Q & A sessions! (TOTAL VALUE: OVER $3,577) (*Conditions apply)

Conditions: *Airfares to and from New Zealand and accommodation are to be paid by the organization