Your Learning Environment = Outstanding Experience of Discovery

Fact: Research shows that classroom social environment is one of the chief psychological factors of academic learning (Walberg & Greenberg, 1997)

All of us who teach or facilitate learning must ALWAYS make sure we consider our learning environment so that our learners are more engaged and motivated, experience more discovery, excitement and fun and so become lifelong learners.

For me, key factors you need to consider to create a safe, supportive, challenged, learning atmosphere are…

Believing and acting that all learners want to be their best
• Developing rapport
• Encouraging risk-taking
• Creating opportunities to bring FUN into your teaching and learning…
Modeling what you say and do… and
• Building a sense of belonging

Let me explain…

• Believing and acting that all learners want to be their best

Do you see each learner as one who can succeed, wants to succeed and someone who will succeed? For me, all learners succeed as I BELIEVE that they can. What is your intention for your learners?

• Developing rapport

Rapport is the foundation of any teaching and learning and also selling to the brain. When you develop rapport with your learners, they accept you, what you say and trust that you will do the right thing by and for them.

When we get to know each learner, it is easier to manage the learning environment; learners can focus for a longer period; learning is more fun and it’s easier to engage and involve their emotions. (Emotions are the ‘door’ to real learning.)

• Encouraging risk-taking

Learning is risking. When you decide to learn something new, you take a risk which maybe beyond your comfort zone. Have you stepped outside your comfort zone today? Have you encouraged and supported others to do so?

• Creating opportunities to bring FUN into your teaching and learning

Learning is all about discovery, play, asking questions, experiencing and FUN. When this happens, our learners’ negative attitudes change. They want to learn.

Remember to celebrate each success your learners have. When you do this, you encourage learning and they even initiate their own learning.

• Modeling what you say

You and I are aware of such sayings as “Actions speak louder than words” “Walk the talk”. Learners pick up when you are not authentic. So, here’s what you can do:

1. Smile
2. Model clear communication
3. Be a great listener
4. Step out of your comfort zone (Let them know that you are doing so)
5. Acknowledge every effort they make
6. Celebrate their successes
7. Be energetic to create more positive energy

• Building a sense of belonging

We all want to belong. When a sense of belonging is built into a supportive environment, threats are removed, learning soars, learners relax, team building is created and there is more emotional engagement.

Bottom Line? Here’s What I Invite You To Do Now

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2. Create this kind of environment. See your belief in your learners to succeed. Listen to yourself as you build rapport and that sense of belonging, encourage risk-taking, be authentic with your words and actions… and have FUN!… and

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